• Ashraf Patel

Mosque Tour with Urswick School

Quba 1Students from Tayyibah Girls School & Urswick Church of England Secondary School visited Masjid-e-Quba as part of the Three Faith Forum Linking programme.

The mosque tour was a great success. The students really enjoyed the tour. It was well planned and very informative. Richard Aubrey the Chaplain of Urswick mentioned the Imaam covered all the topics that are part of the RE GCSE. The Imaam explained to them about the mosque, its architecture, wudhu (ablution) facilities, the daily prayers. We were fortunate to have the Imaam call out the the Adhaan.

The students from Urswick were gifted with their names written in calligraphy as a gift from the Imaam.

We continued with the workshop at school where students talked about Islam and Christianity and played the trainer game in which they had to live lives of the wealthy and less fortunate families.

Our next link will be at Urswick School Insha Allah