Due to space restrictions in the current premises, Tayyibah Girls School offers a selected range of specialist AS and A level courses

AS and linear A level pathways

From September 2015 some A level courses will become linear, and will be assessed at the end of the two-year programme of study. Where applicable, the school will continue to offer students the opportunity to sit the AS examination at the end of the first year. This will provide a good indication of progress, offers students useful exam practice, and AS qualifications are still highly valued by higher education institutions.

AS/A2 qualifications are assessed at the end of both the first and second years of A level study. Linear A levels are only assessed at the end of the two-year course. As a result, AS results are a standalone qualification and therefore will not count towards the final grade of a linear A level qualification.

Further details on the courses offered can be found on the links below.