• Ashraf Patel

DfE Performance Tables 2017

The Department of Education published School Performance Tables in January 2018, for GCSE exams conducted in the Summer 2017.

Alhamdoolillah by the grace of Allah (SWT), Tayyibah Girls School continues to be one of the highest achieving schools nationally and locally.

In the new Progress 8 and Attainment 8 measures, the school achieved a Progress 8 measure of 0.62 and an Attainment 8 measure of 63.2, figures which are well above the national average.

Further details on the school results can be found on the link below.


The DfE does not publish Progress 8 figures for independent school; however the school calculation is based on KS2 results available to the school, and then following the criteria and methods used by the DfE.